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The main directions of our activities:
Construction of models-copies of modern passenger,
special-purpose cargo and auxiliary vessels,
Construction of historical sailing vessels models; warships, launches, yachts;
Making of marine souvenirs using the materials of the customer.

In the process of models and scale models construction more than 50 craftsmen of the highest qualification are being involved.
Annualy they increase their qualification and they are the prize-winners
of the World and European Championships in the vessels models-copies classes.

Not once our models were exhibited at the international exhibitions on shipping
and shipbuilding in Germany, Russia, Greece, Holland and other countries
where they were awarded with medals and diplomas.

The models of the vessels made by our specialists are:
in the private collections of the presidents of Ukraine, Russia, Poland,chancellor of Germany, etc.
in the museums of the marine fleet of Europe, including 10 models - in the room of Vlasov ("V-SHIP" company founder) memory,
in the Marine Fleet Museum in Odessa;
in the private collections of marinists in Austria, America, England, Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, etc.;
the model of the yacht "TUIGA", made in accordance with the Prince of Albert order, in the King Yachting Club in Monaco.
Among the customers to make the models of passenger vessels under construction
and special purpose cargo vessels there are such companies as:

Owing to the large experience of the Centre work, craftsmen's specialisation (Sailin fleet, warships,
modern vessels and other directions), using of modern materials
and the newest technologies the qualitative models with complete fitting are being created.

Annually the company "Albatros" produces 130-150 models of the vessels of the following scales:
from 1: 50 to 1: 200, 70-100 models of present variant,
Souvenirs on marine themes up to 1,000 items.

The Collection of models-copies and exclusive souvenirs is constantly upgraded and widened.
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