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The cruiser yacht of J class, the total sails area is 941 sq.m - the repeated participant of the international regattas for the award "THE CUP OF AMERICA".
"THE CUP OF AMERICA" was founded by the English QUeen Victoria who is the passionate admirer of sailing sport, firstly it was called "the Cup of 100 Quineas".
The cruiser yacht of J class was built in accordance with the project of American Yacht designer Starling.
The yacht had the wonderful aerodynamics of rig - Starling is well-known also as a pioneer of aviation.
"Enterprise" - is the winner of "THE CUP OF AMERICA" in 1929.
The first cruiser yacht built in the Soviet Union.
The Yacht was built in 1953 in Holland.
The Yacht "Tuiga", 1909  
The luxurious modern yacht "Signe" was built in accordance with the individual order at the Shipyard Reneissance Yachts, in the USA.
The Yacht is made of precious kind of wood, interior decoration - bright incrusted mahogany. Hull fittings - shipborne bronze. Bitts, hand rails, decoration on the bow are covered with silver.
The model is made taking into consideration all the details.
The Yacht belongs to the Prince of Monaco Albert.
The luxurious yacht made of precious kind of wood, has become the first winner of the regatta Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts.
THe model is placed in the King Yachting Club in Monaco.
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